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3 factors for successful IVF pregnancy, in addition to the readiness of spouse's health.

  • 1. Medical specialists in the area of infertility treatment who are well-versed in obstetrics and with experience.
  • 2. Team of laboratory scientists expertized in embryo farming.
  • 3. Laboratory with modern embryo feeding technology that meets international standards.

Crucial factors in successful infertility treatment, in which rewarded by a healthy baby with no side effects or complications throughout the treatment process, are the woman's age, quality of egg cells, the number of stimulated egg cells in each seminal cycle, sperms, and the characteristics of the endometrium.

BDMS Wellness Clinic takes consideration into the principle of preparing for your health in vitro. We therefore design a consultation program that controls all factors that will contribute to the success of IVF. For satisfying results for you, we are ready to give a confidence in the standard of treatment by a team of specialized doctors with experience in the field and laboratories that control the environment appropriately.

Success factor


The woman's age is an important factor. Senior women have less and lower quality eggs, compared to younger women. Although age is an important factor, but it doesn't mean that if you age your door is close. Therefore, the spouse can go to a trusted physician for first consultation.

2.Previous pregnancy

Pregnancy history is one of the factors that affects the success of IVF. Therefore, if you have been pregnant before without risk factors or repetitive miscarriage, there is a greater chance of success.

3.Fertility problems

Infertility can be caused by both male and female, such as abnormalities of the uterus or fibroid tumors in women, as well as other causes from male which can affect the success of IVF.


4.1 Smoking

  • To increase the chances of successful IVF, the female must quit smoking at least 3 months prior to IVF.
  • There are studies showing smokers need more concentrated medication to stimulate the ovaries, and embryo implantation rate is lower than non-smokers.

4.2 Body weight

Obesity also affects IVF. Overweight female are at risk of infertility and increasing miscarriage, including resulting in unsuccessful IVF than those with normal weight. Likewise for underweight female.

5.Creditability of the clinic

Choosing an IVF clinic is crucial.

  • Training and experience of medical professionals and staff
  • Laboratory used by the clinic