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Blast Cyst Culture

Blastocyst culture is the process of external embryo raising in a controlled laboratory under various environments suitable for each development stage until the embryo is ready to implant, called Blastocyst. This stage occurs after 5-6 days of fertilization before returning to the uterus. Only some embryos can grow up into Blastocyst stage. Doctor can select embryo, increasing the chance of embryo implantation for successful pregnancy.

Advantages of blastocyst culture

  • Increase pregnancy rates by selecting only strong embryo before returning it to the uterus. Blastocyst is the method that best match with natural process because the embryo is ready to be implanted into the uterus.
  • Reduce the risk of multiple twins. Embryo in blastocyst stage will have higher pregnancy rate per embryo transfer than embryo ages 3 days. Only 1-2 embryos will be replaced into the womb.

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