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Preserve Your Family Plan Options

The Fertility an Women Wellness Clinic offers family planning services for women who want the option of having children in the future. One of these is egg freezing, a process of preserving some of your eggs by retrieving them from your ovaries, freezing them, and storing them so you can use them to get pregnant if and when you’re ready.



Female fertility drops from approximately 85% at age 20 to 50% at age 35, to 35% at age 40, and 5% at age 45. Age also degrades the genetic material of our eggs, which can make it difficult to have a healthy pregnancy and lead to miscarriage, genetic disorders, and the inability to get pregnant at all.

Because the peak childbearing years often coincide with the age at which women often have other goals like career advancement, financial stability and finding a partner, many are choosing to ‘preserve their options’ by freezing their eggs, which provides more choices in the future. Egg freezing is also a viable solution for women who require ovarian surgery due to tumors or cysts, chemotherapy or radiation, are experiencing chromosomal abnormalities, or other conditions.



While BDMS Wellness Clinic specializes in preventive medicine that has enabled our clients to enjoy better health and longer, happier lives, your eggs have a life of their own, and science has yet to find a way to reverse the effects of aging on them. The doctors at Fertility Wellness Clinic recommend egg freezing for women under age 35. It is a simple, painless, low-risk procedure that involves stimulating the ovaries with hormones to produce multiple eggs, retrieving the eggs from the ovaries, and cooling them to sub-zero temperatures in the lab to be thawed in the future.


If you think you want to become a parent someday, but worry about the effects of age on your chances of conceiving, talk with one of our specialists about egg freezing.



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